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We will return with this intensive end of 2023

Aerial Hoop Intensive

We are excited to host the lovely Aisling and her special guest instructor for our second annual aerial hoop intensive.

This 6 day/7 night long course will include approx 5 hours of both technical and creative aerial hoop classes all day in our tropical jungle beautiful circus setting.

This is an intermediate/advanced Intensive and so we have a couple of pre-requisites required of our students to make sure we are all able to receive the most from our time together. 

At least 1 year of training in Aerial Hoop 


A high level of comfort getting into and moving in the hoop


Long Arm Straddle 


Ability to pull over to front balance without using feet on the side of the hoop


A basic level of comfort with spinning (an understanding of flares would be ideal but not required) 


A basic level of flexibility (Splits are not required but would be useful)


If you have any questions about the pre-requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. 


 We encourage those who are coming to communicate via our  Facebook page to connect before the event, ask questions, and share excitement and goals for our time together. Lets make the most of  this opportunity! 

Now to the fun stuff! 

Are you ready to work hard, play hard, and expand your aerial practice this winter? Let's beat the winter woes together on Goa’s famously beautiful beaches!

Here is a sample of the schedule for the hoop intensive;



Breakfast 9am-9:45 


10- 10:45am Warm Up


11 - 12:15 Technique Class #1 


12:30- 13:45 Choreography and Creative Class #1


14-15h Lunch


16h - 17:30 Optional Open Training (supervised by Ash)


18:00 - 19:00 Sunset swim in Patnam followed by cocktails and dinner (at one’s own expense!) 



Class Descriptions


Hoop Technique 


In these classes, we will be focusing on technique. Technique is the building block with which we can create our own style and choreography. At the beginning of each class we will focus on hoop specific strength, alignment, prehab and conditioning exercises. We will then move on the technique on which the rest of the class will be focused. During these technique classes we will look at the following styles: 


Spin Technique 

How to generate spin

Getting in with a spin

How to use spin

Centre Soin 

Wanna see it with a spin?


Dynamic Technique 



Rolls (Lion, Snake, Chimera, elbow…)


The hoops will all be singe point and we have a selection of sizes. Aisling will be bringing her own sold steel 91cm hoop which will be available for use in every class. Feel free to bring your own equipment but bear in mind it will be rigged in the jungle which may lead to additional wear and tear. 



Creative and Choreography Classes 


These classes will focus on the tools we can use to create our own work and choreography. Half the class will be spent learning choreography created by Aisling while the other half will focus on creative exercises which help us create our own sequences and acts. This choreography can be put together to create a group piece for the show on the final night if everyone is open to the idea. (Don’t panic, no one has to perform if they don’t want to!) The aim of this class is to share with students the tools to create their own work. 


Open Training Sessions 



These lessons are an opportunity to work on everything you have learned during the intensive. You are free to revise techniques or use the tools you learned in the creative class to create your own choreograph and work on an act for the final night. All students will have the opportunity to perform a solo on the final night if they would like to. Or if you are completely tired of hoop you can use this opportunity to train something completely different. Bliss circus can provide covered rope, fabrics, and trapezes. If you are thoroughly exhausted then you are welcome to enjoy the sun sand and sea and just take the afternoon off, this session is completely optional! 

Then the evening is free to enjoy the sunset, have dinner at one of the many delicious beachfront restaurants, or dance the night away at some of the local clubs (or get to bed early so you're ready to work hard the next day) Whatever you're into! 


We are hosting a show at the end of the intensive, a culmination of all the work and the magic we have created together over the days together.  The show is a really special experience, even if you don't decide to get on stage, but to work together to create with a group of amazingly talented artists from around the work. See more shots from our show from last year! We use the money from the show to throw a big thank you dinner for everyone who participated in the intensive, including adult beverages, a buffet dinner, and a fun after-party to close out the week!


The training space will be available for use around the clock for those who want to work on things outside of class time, although we ask that you remain safe and work in groups please and never do anything you are uncertain of alone! 

We are really setting the intention with this event to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible so please know that we are here for you! To help in any and every way leading up to the event. 


Travel insurance is required in order to participate and can be acquired through your airlines, some credit card companies or on sites such as


An Indian Visa is also required, you can get a 30 day visa on arrival here

For more information please contact

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