Circus Star Immersion!

Weekly schedule from December through January


This new concept program will let students get an immersion into the world of a circus artist! 

The program will run from Sunday to Sunday with 5 days of learning technical skills in a range of circus skills, then culminating in the opportunity to perform on stage with the support and guidance from our instructor team! 


Students will choose an area of focus which their weekly schedule will be built around, choose between flying high with aerial arts including aerial hoop, silks, hammock, trapeze, harness, rope or sticking closer to the ground with juggling, prop manipulation, fire dancing, partner acrobatics, and dance. Everyone will get to try a little bit of everything that they are interested in! 

The schedule will include 3 classes per day, the first class will be a morning warm up including dance, yoga or our circus style warm up. Then there will be a technical class, where the students get to try many different props and techniques, then in the afternoons we will host classes focusing on improving your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Students who come for longer will get to try out lots of fun circus skills, and we will offer discounts for people who come multiple weeks. 

Students may choose to come in weekly increments, come for one week as a fun experience or really dive deep for a month or longer!  

This experience is open for all students, from absolutely brand new to seasoned artists, our team of instructors can adapt to fit the needs of the group.

Show days are every Saturday, and we will be guiding and coaching everyone who comes to get a chance to join in our weekly show.  Of course its optional but its a lot of fun and we will share professional photos with everyone who joins in. 

The price for our is Shared 24,000rs/Single 33,000 rs/ Dorm bed 21,000rs and includes 6 nights accommodation, 6 days of circus classes, 2 delicious healthy meals per day.