Jenny Tuffs will be teaching at both the training camp and the hoop intensive. Flying trapeze was Jenny’s gateway drug to circus, providing weekly thrills throughout her first year as an undergraduate at New York University in 2010 and prompting endless questions from classmates about the white powder all over her clothes. Upon finishing her degree, Jenny decided that a job in her field of academic study (politics) sounded exceptionally un-fun. She has since worked as an assistant editor, an ESL teacher, an academic administrator, a live-in nanny, and a professional dog walker while training with circus industry professionals at studios including Circus Warehouse in NYC, Gorilla Circus in London, Centro Acrobático Fedriani in Madrid, and the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, among many others. Her exposure to these various circus communities and teaching methods around the world has fostered Jenny’s unique movement and teaching style. She remains always open to adaptation and committed to growing as both a performer and coach! Jenny now specializes in aerial hoop and hula hoops - but has a habit of falling in love with any new circus discipline that crosses her path. She is currently based in Berlin.

More teachers and workshops will be announced as we continue planning our 2020/21 season! 

Instructor Information 


 Kalina Suter-   will be teaching at the trapeze intensive! She grew up in the Appalachian forests of West Virginia where trick riding, dancing, and tree climbing fostered an early love of instinctive movement. As she got older, these creative outlets were replaced by the study of contemporary dance, ballet, and physical theatre in the US, Switzerland, and the UK.

She took up circus arts in 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, which led her to study at both the Rogelio Rivel Circus School and the New England Center for Circus Arts, where she specialised in dance trapeze and flexibility. In order to improve as both a circus performer and movement instructor after graduating from NECCA, she dove into pilates, functional training, weightlifting, and CrossFit - all of which provided new perspectives on how to optimise performance within her circus disciplines. She currently splits her time between teaching trapeze and flexibility alongside performing throughout the UK and Europe.


When she is not teaching or performing she devotes her time to exploring different ways of moving and spinning on dance trapeze, she is fascinated by finding fluidity and instinctual movement in the air that translates into her performances and teaching.   

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Mark Gibson will be teaching at the training camp, the trapeze intensive and supporting us with rigging during all the events. He is the Managing Director of Aerial Edge and has specialised for the last 20 years in education for both technical, physical and artistic disciplines. When he’s not on a trapeze Mark works in humanitarian education providing education to disconnected communities around the world.


In 2000 Mark began training in static trapeze and has since been performing with both solo and doubles aerial acts for the last 19 years. Amongst other places, Mark studied at The Circus Space, London for 8 years; but also attended intensive courses at The Circus Warehouse, New York, ARCAA, Sydney, The Circus Centre, San Francisco and Circocan in Brazil. He has been teaching aerial disciplines since 2007.


Mark has an extensive background in Chinese Martial Arts and Tai Chi in which he is an international gold medal winner and has been training and teaching for the last 32 years.