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Artist Residency
Bliss Circus

A programme for professional circus artists to train in our state of the art location, seek curated coaching, and perform along with our international team.

Residency deals for professional artists

(Excluding retreats and intensives)

Residency at Bliss Circus allows for professional artists to use our training space. It is available between 9 am to 1pm, a timeframe in which the crew of Bliss Circus may also train besides you. 

The residency includes :

  • Access to training space and equipment

  • Access to toilets and showers

All residencies follow a vetting process and we require interested artists to share their Instagram handle for verification of skill and level.


Single day professional training

Time: 9 – 1 pm

Price: INR 1500; INR 1200 for every additional day

Residency Package

Pricing & Schedule

Monday to Friday, December 4th to 8th ➔ 6000 rs

Monday to Thursday, December 11th to 14th ➔ 5000 rs

Monday to Friday, December 18th to 22nd ➔ 6000 rs
OR free if performing on our 23rd December show

Monday to Friday, Jan 1st to 5th ➔ 6000 rs

Monday to Friday, Jan 15th to 19th ➔ 6000 rs

Monday to Thursday, Jan 22 to 25th ➔ 5000 rs


  • Every additional day is chargeable at INR 1000

  • If the resident is performing at any of our shows, they are eligible to have one week of free residency

On-demand Personalized Coaching Program

Pricing & Schedule

We are offering a personalized coaching option to help you create your first performance, or work on an ongoing creation of yours. 

Price starts from 4000 INR for one hour with the coach + 2 hours of autonomous training. Each additional day as such costs 3000 INR. 

Package for 5 days : 14000 INR.

To apply, send us a presentation email at, specifying the following:

  • Who are you and a brief summary of your circus experience

  • Which circus discipline you intend to practice during residency

  • The gear you will have with you 

  • What do you need in terms of coaching

  • What is you goal for the residency

  • How many days would you like to be coached for

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