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About the Intensive

Dates: 15 - 20 December 2024

What is it?

A 6 day silk and rope intensive workshop in a dreamy, outdoor location, under the canopy of coconut trees. The workshop is designed for you to learn new skills, refine what you already know, build strength and foster a strong network with the circus community from around the world.


What is the apparatus and who is it for?

Aerial Silk: The focus is on foundations, technique, and injury prevention, static shapes, climbs, drops, stylisation, musicality and sequencing. 

Aerial Rope: The focus will be on basic and advanced techniques, skills and beginner dynamics.

Level Segregation:

  • Beginner - completely new to vertical movement.

  • Beginner (2) - is able to climb and can comfortably enter foot-locks

  • Beginner (3) - is able to enter assisted inversions (on wrist wraps, cross backs)

  • Intermediate (1) - able to invert on short arm / long arm hangs and enter multi-step poses

  • Intermediate (2) - able to execute aerial drops 

  • Intermediate (3) - able to enter and manoeuvre through balances 


Who are the instructors?

April Ananda Bliss

Aditi Sreevathsa


How many students per class?

This intensive is limited to 13 students 


What is included in the course fee?

The course fee of INR 48,000 (USD 575 / EUUR 532) includes access to the instructor, use of equipment and circus space, accommodation and nutritious food at Anand Yoga Village. Exchange rates are subject to change as per market fluctuation; The cost of currency exchange is not included in the retreat fee.

What is not included?

Travel arrangements, visas, and any upgrades on stay, food, activities and entertainment. Please note, if you have special needs or alternative arrangements that require us to accommodate, please write to us here.

*We aim to be as inclusive as possible for all of our programs, if students are unable to pay the full rate, please send us a letter of explanation stating why you are unable to pay the full rate with necessary documentation. Once these are approved, we are able to support you with 20-30% discount on our programs.

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