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About the Retreat

Dates: 5th - 10th February

Aerial Straps Workshop Retreat in South Goa: Unleash Your Artistic Flight

Join us for an immersive five-day Aerial Straps Workshop Retreat set in the picturesque landscape of South Goa. Nestled just footsteps away from the serene beach, our circus space becomes a canvas for your aerial journey. This unique workshop is a fusion of technical mastery and artistic expression, designed to elevate your skills and ignite your creative spirit on the aerial straps.

Workshop Highlights:

1. Technical Mastery: Delve into the intricacies of aerial straps with expert instructors guiding you through a comprehensive technical curriculum. From fundamental techniques to advanced manoeuvres, you'll build a solid foundation for aerial prowess.

2. Artistic Exploration: Unlock the artist within as you explore the creative dimensions of aerial performance. Engage in expressive exercises, improvisation, and collaborative projects that will fuel your ability to move with grace and innovation.

3. Comfort and Fluidity: Learn techniques to enhance your comfort in aerial positions, promoting a seamless flow between movements. Discover how to move with greater ease and confidence, allowing your performance to become a captivating dance in the air.

4. Circus Oasis in South Goa: Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of our circus space, blending the energy of aerial arts with the soothing sounds of the nearby beach. Experience the perfect balance of focus and relaxation as you refine your skills in this inspiring setting.


To participate in this workshop, attendees should have prior experience with aerial arts and the ability to straddle in the air.

What's Included:
- Daily technical and creative classes
- Access to specialized aerial straps equipment
- Inspirational beachside setting
- Collaborative performance opportunities

Dates and Location:
5-10 February, at our circus space in South Goa, just steps away from the beach.

Secure your spot for an unforgettable aerial experience at 750 USD.

Join us for a transformative journey through the aerial straps – where technical mastery meets artistic freedom. Reserve your place now and soar to new heights!

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