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About the Workshop

Dates: 26th - 28th January


What is it? 

A 3 days immersion and discovery of the sacred clown principles. This weekend is an opportunity to dive deep within ourselves and experience some naturally altered states of consciousness.

We all have a clown within, since we all have an authentic, untamed version of ourselves, no matter how deep or shallow it is under the layers of who we/they think we are. We use the word “Sacred”, because tapping into authenticity also means letting go of the ego, the will and the masks, which leaves space for “greater(or smaller) than I”, for what “is”. 

During these 3 days, we are gently going to dig into ourselves to discover our inner sacredness, within a safe and accompanied space. Don’t worry, it won’t be as serious as it seems. We will use games and playfulness as much as subtleness and contemplation. 

Laura's approach is based on the pedagogic tools of Éric Blouet, a renown french pedagog, actor and artistic director, as well as Michel Dallaire, a French-Canadian clown and original team member of “Cirque du Soleil”. 


What is the discipline and who is it for?

The Sacred Clown is an archetype identified in many indigenous cultures around the world. In the Lakota and Dakota Tribe, Colorado, South USA, it is known as “Heyoka”. Contrary to the popular classic clown who is often expected to entertain and make people laugh, the sacred clown isn’t here to be funny, entertaining, pleasing or mean. His function relies in letting express what is asking to be expressed from the depths of the subconscious; its deepest truth and authenticity.


It can even become a channel for individual or collective consciousness expressions to pass through. In the Lakota culture, the sacred clown is often a rule breaker, a contradictory being who brings chaos and distress in situations where people are overly confident, or oppositely, bringing lightness and laughter in situations of panic and despair. “Principally, the heyókȟa functions both as a mirror and teacher at the same time, using extreme behaviours to mirror others, and forcing them to examine their own doubts, fears, hatreds, and weaknesses.” (Wikipedia) 


This intensive is for people and all level clowns who desire to tap into their authenticity and are curious about the unexpected within and outside. It is for anyone and everyone. No experience required. From age 16.

Who is the instructors?

This intensive is taught by Belgian-Canadian circus instructor Laura Drapeau. She has been formed to sacred clowning through the years, since 2014, between self-thaught and spontaneous appearance, drop-in workshops and several immersive retreats with the french Clown, teacher and circus Artist Nicolas Ottenheimer. 

Instructor Javed will teach 2 juggling classes of one hour each.


How many students per class?

This intensive is limited to 8 students 


What is included in the course fee?

The course fee includes access to instructors and use of circus space during classes. Schedule: 5 hours per day, 3 hours in morning and 2 hours in afternoon, may be subject to adjustments. 15 hours total.


This discovery will be exercised in 3 modules, one per day: 

  1. Introspection: Getting in touch with our Sensations, emotions and thoughts. Becoming an observer. We will go through different exercises to come into presence, to listen and identify what is going on within ourself in the very moment. 

  2. Expression: After getting in touch with what’s within, we are going to train our ability to communicate and express it, with and without certain restrictions and fun challenges. The “Éric Blouet’s expression tools” will be introduced. We will often work in teams, and use our group as a witness and audience. 

  3. Games and creativity: We will experience different games to play around and discover the possibilities that emerge from the collaboration between our authentic expression and our creativity. Now that we’ll have trained our connection with oneself and our expression skills, let’s see what happens if we invite the unexpected and the transition of states. You will be invited(but never obliged) to put on the red nose in some guided appearance before the audience(our group). 

  4. To add some sweet spice to the weekend, we’ll have 2 juggling classes of one hour each, taught by the talented flow artist and dancer Javed.


What is not included?

Travel arrangements, breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation. However, participants may opt for a BnB / meal inclusive plan for an additional price. Please visit this page for instructions and information.

*We aim to be as inclusive as possible for all of our programs, if students are unable to pay the full rate, please send us a letter of explanation stating why you are unable to pay the full rate with necessary documentation. Once these are approved, we are able to support you with 20-30% discount on our programs.

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