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About the Workshop

Dates: 8th - 10th February

What is it?

Looking for ways to tap into or explore your feminine energy? Sign up for our Femme Exploration Intensive from February 8-10, where you’ll take a journey through sensual and erotic dance forms of belly dancing, twerking, to floor and chair dancing, all the while learning techniques to activate your chakras and discover your divine femininity. Throughout this intensive, you will not only learn the basics and techniques of belly dancing, twerking, and sensual dance choreography. Additionally, you will be led through guided meditations, journaling activities, and a women’s circle with a cacao ceremony at the beginning and end of our journey together. Where in these moments we hope to discover, encourage, embrace and embody our divine feminine energy, not just on the dance floor but in everyday life.

Choreography will be taught for belly dancing, twerking, and even a sensual dance sequence with floor and chair work. 


More Info

The opening ceremony with cacao tea will focus on guided meditations, journal prompts, and discussions in women’s circles to explore our divine femininity and reflect on how our lives and modern society has impacted our expression of femininity. 

While learning the techniques of belly dance such as undulating, shimmying, belly rolls, hip drops, hip bumps, and isolating movements, we will also discuss the connection between such movements and our sacred chakras. These sensual, slow, fluid, or fast movements activate these energy channels in our bodies and help to move stagnant energies as well as, suppressed emotions, releasing them from our emotional body. Did you know women are more likely to store emotional trauma within their belly and hips? With all the shaking and movement in our stomach, pelvis, and hips, we tend to open up and release the emotional luggage we’ve been carrying from days to years. Thus, belly dancing has also been regarded as a therapeutic and spiritual practice, helping us to release, open up, and tap into our divine feminine power. 


As for twerking, the movements in our hips are quite similar to belly dancing. Historically, what’s commonly referred to as “twerking” has origins in West Africa for centuries. Before twerking became hyper-sexualized by western societies, similar body movements were used for celebrations of joy or praise. A way for women to express themselves and worship the divine. Thus, we will be exploring and practicing the techniques of moving our booties in the way it was intended; to empower us and have fun. 

The hope for the sensual chair and floor dance is to unleash our dark feminine energy, our “shadow side”, the sides of ourselves that society suppresses or has repressed such as our desires. It is the parts of us that are untamed, wild, angry, unapologetic, fierce, transformative, seductive, and powerful. With this choreography, we will be exploring and embracing the sexy duality of our feminine nature. 

Before the closing ceremony, we will have a dance jam, where we can practice or perform the moves we have learned during this intensive. It will be a safe and open space to express ourselves freely, consider it a dance party amongst friends.

The closing ceremony with cacao tea will encourage us to share our feelings, thoughts, and reflect on our experiences—takeaways and moments of growth— during this intensive together. There will be a closing women’s circle with journal prompts provided. Hopefully by the end of our time together, we will feel more connected to our divine femininity and learned some cool new dance moves for our repertoire. 

There will be optional team dinners to attend, costs of meals are not included in this intensive.

Items to consider

  • Water bottle 

  • A journal for prompts during the intensive workshop and/or personal reflection. 

  • Clothing could be shorts or pants that allow your body to move freely, tops could be t-shirts, tank tops, or sports bras, whatever you feel comfortable wearing. For belly dancing it helps to see/show the belly while learning. If you have a sarong or hip scarf that’s also good for the movement.

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